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From the Screamsheets, 8/25/2018

Greetings, choombas! Normally, during our weekend From the Screamsheets, we highlight the buzz on R. Talsorian, our games, and our people from around the internet. This weekend, we’re doing something different!

It isn’t an exaggeration to say, when many people think of R. Talsorian Games, they think of Cyberpunk. Today, From the Screamsheets is going to celebrate the original “Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future” by throwing the spotlight on various gaming groups as they share their Cyberpunk actual play games with us!


We’ll begin with a game run by Maximum Mike himself for the crew over at IGN. This was a single session where an odd collection of misfits must band together to save their apartment building from both a brutal gang of cosplayers and a ruthless corporation.

The video shares highlights from the game.

But if you want to experience the whole session, you’ll want to listen to the audio. It runs just over 2 hours.


Geek news and review site GroundPunch has recently begun their own Cyberpunk 2020 campaign, entitled CyberPunch. Currently up to three episodes (running roughly an hour long each), there’s violence, mayhem, and heisting which doesn’t go to plan. Sounds like Cyberpunk to us!

You can listen to the Cyberpunch campaign in podcast form on your podcatcher of choice or watch them in video form on YouTube. They haven’t put together a playlist yet but the first video is below.


The crew on YouTube channel Henley has already finished one Cyberpunk 2020 campaign and is currently in the middle of recording another!

Their first Cyberpunk 2020 campaign, entitled Die Rollers: Nightcity ran 42 episodes, each between 3 and 4 hours each! The full playlist for the campaign is here but the first episode, which covers chargen, is below.

And they enjoyed their first campaign so much they came back for a second, Die Party: Kingdom 2020, which has a gang-focused storyline. They’re 3 episodes in, again each between 3 and 4 hours long. The playlist is here while the first episode (which features chargen) is below.


Over at TabletopTalk, they played a 42 episode campaign of Cyberpunk 2020. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes long, making it easier to consume in smaller stretches. While they did have trouble with the rules, the TabletopTalk crew put their hearts into it with enthusiasm and fantastic storytelling (my favorite bit is where they figure out they can take the vehicle decals their sponsor company forces them to use and slap them onto other cars to make them targets). So long as people are having fun, there’s no wrong way to game. The playlist is linked above and the first episode, complete with cosplay and a fun introduction, is below.

The Dice Stormers

Finally, the Dice Stormers mixed it up on us. Instead of playing Cyberpunk 2020, they played the spin-off game Cybergeneration. Its Cyberpunk meets the X-Men in a world where the kids of the cyberpunks get funky nanotech powers. Dice Stormers ran the game as a one-shot split over two episodes (each hitting around 45 minutes in length). We’re posting both below.

What About You?

That’s it for this weekend’s From the Screamsheets and we want to know what we missed!

Is there an actual play of Cyberpunk 2020 or Cybergeneration, in podcast or vidcast form, we didn’t highlight but you loved?

Have you made an actual play of one of our games? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly! If there’s more out there, we’ll do a follow-up post with another batch of actual plays to share!

Keep safe on the street, choombas!


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