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A Celebration of Cyberpunk!

“Got the chips and enhancements / Got the Attitude right / Got the Metal beneath my skin / I’m chippin’ in…” Johnny Silverhand, as quoted in Cyberpunk 2020.

Thirty years ago this month, a game unlike any the roleplaying game had ever seen debuted. With a world inspired by the dark future vision of Blade Runner and mechanics which fully incorporated a character’s history into their statistics and featured a combat system as brutal as the real thing, Cyberpunk from R. Talsorian Games founded a new genre of roleplaying game and helped shift the paradigm of the entire hobby in much the same way Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns changed comics.

The original Cyberpunk boxed set, now lovingly known as Cyberpunk 2013 by fans. Thanks to Saul Schimek and Billie Gaskins, both of whom shared images of their copies!


The Week of the Cyberpunk

“The extent of Cyberpunk’s success (in both editions) can be seen in the ripples it caused in the rest of the industry.” Shannon Appelcline, as written in Designers and Dragons: the ‘80s.

In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Cyberpunk, we’re declaring this week as “A Celebration of Cyberpunk”! Each day we’ll be make a post on our blog celebrating Cyberpunk, from looking at the new Cyberpunk Chronicles, which debuted at Gen Con to spotlighting resources created by fans to help play the game and more! The truth is, we already started, with a special From the Screamsheets last Saturday, which shined the spotlight on a number of Cyberpunk actual plays. We’ll keep going until next Saturday, when we’ll need your help to cap off our “Celebration of Cyberpunk”.

The version of Cyberpunk most people think of when they mention the game, Cyberpunk 2020.


How You Can Help!

Cyberpunk is what you’re going to make it. After all, you’re the cyberpunks. You’ve already joined. Now it’s up to you to shape your own destiny.” Mike Pondsmith, as written in Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!!!

Here’s what we want from you. Cyberpunk (in all its forms over the years) is the sort of game which has inspired gamers across the world to create and we want you to share those creations with us. Mind you, we’re not talking about homebrew world lore or house rules here. We want to see your character art. Your clever schematic. Your poetry. Your original songs. Your 3D model. Your game logs transformed into full stories. R. Talsorian Games put out a brutal game soaked in leather, chrome, neon, and smog. Now we want to see what you’ve done with it!

Please send your creations (or links to them as needed) to by Friday evening. Anything you send us remains your own but by sending it, you are giving us permission to share it on this blog and various social media channels.

Thank you in advance and keep safe in the streets, choombas!

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