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The Sage’s Answers, Part 17

Hello all! Big announcement here. Cody’s moving The Sage’s Answers to a once per week format. We’re getting close to the end of our question list and he wants to spend more time working on both the errata/update and future projects for the game. Look for The Sage’s Answers on Fridays now. There should only be a few left.

Just to remind everyone, here we’ll be answering questions players and GMs have asked about The Witcher TRPG with the goal of turning them into an errata and updating the book down the line.

We’ll be posting each The Sage’s Answers on our blog, our Facebook, and on the r/WitcherTRPG subreddit. On our blog, I’ll be tagging each entry with “sagesanswers” to make them easy to find.

Aapo Toivonen asks…

Do you use the size modifier table with anything else but vehicle / mount ramming? And if you do use it then how? For example a small creature gets +2. So I assume this +2 is for the person who tries to ram them. But if I use this bonus for other things like getting a bonus or a penalty for trying to hit a smaller or bigger target with a regular melee attack then this number makes no sense as it would mean that hitting a smaller target is easier.

Cody answers…

Hey, Aapo! The size modifier table on page 152 only applies to ramming. You don’t use it for any other form of combat.

Cruel Angel’s Thesis asks…

Oh one more, just to make sure i understand. Page 160 for taking Deadly Critical Damage for 9-10 the Treated section lists taking +2 damage from bleeding permantely. Since your treated i think thats not going to be a issue. Does in fact refer to any Critical damage where bleeding is listed an extra +2 damage is done from there on?

Cody answers…

Hey, Cruel Angel’s Thesis! We’ll have to make that note clearer. The Permanent Bleeding means that any time you would take bleeding damage you take 2 points more damage. So, if you get hit by a claw that applies a bleeding wound you would take 4 points of damage every round instead of 2 points of damage.

Pavlakis S asks…

Page 238 for The Cat School (Immune to Charm Attempts): Does that immunity included the uses of Magic? Or only social interactions?

Cody answers…

Hey, Pavlakis! The Cat school’s immunity to charm applies to non-magical attempts to charm the witcher. Magic can still be used to charm the witcher.

Pavlakis S asks…

General Question about Combat: Let’s say for some reason a player doesn’t roll a defensive action (maybe he doesn’t have STA, or it’s a surprise attack, or an attack from behind that the character can’t see). Does the Difficulty to hit that target is zero (“0”)? Or it’s the basic 10 as per the “Stunned” difficulty?

Cody answers…

If you choose not to, or are unable to, take a defense you are treated as stunned and the difficulty to hit does become 10. If a target is ambushed they still have a chance to defend but the ambushers gain a +5 bonus on their attacks.

Asiltos asks…

I might be stupid for asking this but I could not find anything about how much you could sell items for. In D&D for example the ‘base’ sell price starts at half of the actual base price. Does it say anywhere how it works in this book? Thought it would be easier to find as there is even a merchant profession.

Cody answers…

Hey, Asiltos! We’ll have to make a note about sale prices. You can sell items for half the listed price of an item but you can attempt to raise this price by haggling with the business skill, or convincing the person with Persuasion.

That’s it! See you next week!

Keep your blades sharp!

7 thoughts on “The Sage’s Answers, Part 17 Leave a comment

  1. Not sure where to ask this but I have a question.

    When do you add the SP from your shield to soak damage?

  2. Another question regarding foraging: how would you handle, if a player just wants to randomly look for ingredients (something like “I go into the forest and look, which herbs I can find.”)?

    • Assuming the Wilderness Survival check was high enough, you could create a table for such a thing based on location and roll randomly for it, then roll for quantity as per normal.

  3. I could not find the explanation for the abbreviation “ROF”. It appears for weapons in the monsters section and once in “Fighting under water”. I assume that it means “Rate of Fire”, which in this context may mean “attacks per round”, but as I said, I could not find the explanation. A clarification would be nice

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