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R. Talsorian Webstore Going on Hiatus

Hello to Talsorian Rexes everywhere! We’ve got some news, directly from our business manager, about the R. Talsorian webstore.

Starting next week, we’ll begin the process of transitioning from filling orders ourselves to using a top rate fulfillment service. To do this, we need to pack up our stock, ship it to the fulfillment service, and do a bit of work to make our store work with their systems.

Here’s the important part of the announcement.

The R. Talsorian Games webstore will be shutting down and no longer taking orders beginning at 6pm Pacific on 9/15. We anticipate being down until the first week of October, at which point we will be back up and ready to take orders again.

What this means for our customers?

  1. Faster turn around on orders. A dedicated fulfillment team means orders will be packed and shipped faster.
  2. We’ll be able to put The Witcher TRPG hardcover core book out for sale.

That’s right! When the webstore goes back up in October, it will have dead tree versions of The Witcher TRPG available for everyone to purchase!

For those of you who already have orders in, don’t worry. We’ll still be fulfilling them ourselves. This won’t add another two weeks of “shipping and handling” time to the orders. We’re working our way through them as we speak.

If you haven’t ordered one of our products but need it, you can get digital and some print on demand versions of most of our books over at DriveThruRPG in the meanwhile.

Remember, keep your swords sharp, your mekton fueled, and stay safe on the streets!

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