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Quaint and Curious Volumes of Cyberpunk Lore

Some of you are new to the game and the universe. Maybe you’re getting ready to play Cyberpunk 2020 for the first time. Maybe you just want to hit the ground running, knowing all there is to know when Cybepunk 2077 hits the shelves. Others are old hands, but maybe its been a while. Sure, you remember Night City, Militech, and Johnny Silverhand, but what about Red Cab and Susie Clove? It never hurts to brush up on the lore.

Of course, the best place to download data on the Cyberpunk universe is from our books but a curious phenomenon has emerged in this modern, internet age. Medias from across the world have decided to take on the task of reading up on Cyberpunk and presenting the lore to folks in a variety of interesting and entertaining ways.

Here’s a few we found. Caveat emptor, of course. The R. Talsorian Games staff hasn’t had time to sift through and watch and read everything, so we can’t promise the information presented is 100% accurate. Information from our books always trumps any data you grab from the ‘net. We also can’t promise every bit of lore you watch and/or read here will match up with what’s on the screen in Cyberpunk 2077. After all, there’s gonna be a few decades between the pen and paper game and the digital one. A lot can change in that amount of time! Just ask Ma Bell.

Some of you are probably old enough to get that joke. If not, try Wikipedia.


Gizmo at 2OldGamers have crafted some rather slick videos which are pleasing both for the eyes and the ears. They’re a place to go for info about Night City, the Combat Zone, Braindancing, and the Night City Police Force. Unfortunately, 2OldGamers hasn’t released any new videos in months but we hope they continue their stroll through the datafortress soon.

Madqueen Show

To date, Madqueen has produced 55 videos detailing Cyberpunk lore. That’s too many to detail here but some highlights include vids detailing Night City U, The First Corporate War, and the Fall of America. These videos are less produced that those of 2OldGamers, involving more “talking head” style lore download, but they’re packed full of information.


Most of the videos produced by LastKnownMeal about Cyberpunk focus on news about the upcoming video game, but he’s also posted some lore vids. His History of the World (So Far) Video is solid, and you can also watch vids about Cyberware, Boostergangs, and the Psycho Squad and Cyberpsychosis.


If you’re looking for lore other channels haven’t covered yet, consider checking Kazuliski out on YouTube. For example, No one else has done videos on Saburo Arasaka, Morgan Blackhand, and Johnny Silverhand.

Lore Lounge

Lore Lounge has just started their series of Cyberpunk lore videos. Thus far, they’ve produced one on the History of America and one on the universe’s timeline. Their last video was in July but these sort of things take time, so we’ll hope to see more soon.


Last on our list for today, Eurogamer has begun a series of videos which don’t so much explore lore as they do compare the mechanics and world of Cyberpunk 2020 to what’s been seen thus far of Cyberpunk 2077. Thus far there’s been a video about character classes, one on augmentation and cyberware, and one on netrunning. All three are great and really approach the video game from a tabletop player’s point of view.

Probably Still More!

Who did we miss? Let us know and we’ll do a follow-up! For now, though…

Keep safe in the streets!





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  1. Wait, the MadQueen has lore videos where her character broadcasts literally “from the net” in 3D, or as a hologram in Night City, and have commercials of products in the Cyberpunk universe all made by herself and you call it “less produced”? I think we disagree on the meaning of “production value”.

    • The commercials are, indeed, amazing. I just meant much of her videos have a “she talks to you directly instead of over a series of images and video clips” sort of way. But you’re right. I owe her an apology for my choice of words.

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