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Where to Find Us Online

In the past month, the team at R. Talsorian Games has expanded our presence on that strange place everyone likes to call the internet. We’ll always have our blog here, of course, but we’re also hanging around a few other social media locations as well. Here’s where you can find us.

The Big Ones

We’ve got an official Facebook page, of course. Everything posted here gets posted or linked there as well. There tends to be a bit more communication in the comments there.

Likewise, you can find us on Twitter. Since that platform allows for more immediate communication, there’s some conversations which only happen there.

The Video One

Last month we made inroads onto YouTube with our own channel and videos of our seminars from Gen Con 2018. We’ve also recently uploaded a seminar Mike participated in at PAX West. Videos are a lot harder to make than blog posts, so we’re taking our time in exploring this medium. Still, we’re hoping to bring new content to you via this channel.

The Fan Run Ones

We don’t run anything on Reddit but do have a presence on two subreddits in particular. One is dedicated to The Witcher TRPG and the other to Cyberpunk 2020. Like the bulletin boards of yore, these are great places to interact with fellow lovers of your game of choice, ask questions, and share ideas and resources.

The Chatty One

Lastly, we run our own Discord server with chat rooms dedicated to each of our games, as well as rooms (both text and voice) set aside for live RP. The folks there are good people and always happy to help players, new and old, with whatever needs talking out.

What Else?

Where else should we be? Let us know!


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