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From the Screamsheets, 9/8/18

Hello to everyone! The weather’s turning cold where I am but the screamsheets are still hot! This is From the Screamsheets, our weekly column where we spotlight the places online where R. Talsorian Games, our RPGs, and our creators are being chatted about!

Remember, you can always catch past From the Screamsheet installments by looking for the “screamsheets” tag on our blog.

Cyberpunk Celebrated in Video!

Perhaps the biggest news of the last while was the 30th anniversary of Cyberpunk, the roleplaying game of the dark future! “Maximum” Mike Pondsmith, visited PAX West for a special chat with Johnny Chiodini of Eurogamer about the genre and the game. The session was recorded to share with the world.

We weren’t the only ones to make a video about Cyberpunk, though. Seth Skorkowsky offered his own take on the classic Cyberpunk 2020 in a video posted on his channel. He’s done it before but, this time, he’s got Jack the NPC along for the ride. And we want to offer our congratulations to Seth for reaching 25k subscribers!

Finally, IGN did a neat little video highlighting 10 stories to help tide folk over until the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, Cyberpunk 2020 holds a special spot on the list.

Cyberpunk Celebrated in Text!

It wasn’t just video, though, where Cyberpunk was celebrated. Both Geek Native and EN World ran stories about the game’s 30th anniversary while VG24/7 covered Mike’s appearance at PAX West with the best article title ever: That Goat Can Really Program!

All This and the Witcher, Too!

Of course, just because we spent the last two weeks celebrating Cyberpunk that doesn’t mean our The Witcher TRPG didn’t get some love, too.

  • The hosts at High Shelf Gaming were kind enough to host Cody Pondsmith, the game’s lead designer, for not one but two episodes of their podcast! You can find part one here and part two here!
  • The WanderingDM  Twitch channel just announced an upcoming The Witcher TRPG actual play series entitled The Witcher: Season of Strife. You can watch their teaser video here.
  • And if you’re curious to see what the reception for The Witcher TRPG is back in Eastern Europe, check out this review by Hungarian RPG site iPon!

That’s everything for this week! We’ll be back next weekend to see what else is in the Screamsheets. Keep safe on the streets, keep your swords sharp, and always trust a giant robot.


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