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Cyberpunk 2020 Actual Play

Playstation Access has finished their five part Actual Play of Cyberpunk 2020. GM Chris Thurston leads an ill-prepared team of a corporate-owned Rockerboy, a low level Corp exec, a former Trauma Team Medtech, and a gravel-voices Solo with family issues from a swanky night club to the combat zone.

In addition to these five episodes (six, counting the promo vid) the Playstation Access crew will be streaming a special live session of their Cyberpunk campaign from EGX 2018 tomorrow (9/22) at 17:30 BST (12:30pm Eastern/9:30am Pacific). If you’re local to EGX 2018, go watch it in person! Otherwise, you can watch via the link below, either as it streams or afterwards!

And now the Cyberpunk action! First, they did a character introduction which was spot on.

Episode One has a guitar solo!

Episode Two has a grapple hand!

Episode Three has a new Gang! Cluck you!

Episode Four has an infiltration and you know how well those go in Cyberpunk!

Episode Five is full of family drama!

We’re wishing the best of luck to the team for their livestream tomorrow! Hopefully, no one’s going to lose another eye.

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