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From the Screamsheets, 9/22/2018

Welcome to the weekend! This is From the Screamsheets, our weekly look at where R. Talsorian and our games are being discussed online! Before we start, we know there’s been some horribly extreme weather in multiple areas in the world. If you’ve been affected, we hope you’ve come through safely, with your dice dry.

Watch Cyberpunk 2020 Live!

At 17:30 London/12:30 Eastern/9:30 Pacific (roughly 3 and 1/2 hours from the time of this posting), Playstation Access will be playing Cyberpunk 2020 live at EGX 2018 in the UK. If you can’t attend, you can join the livestream or watch it after.

BTW, if you press play above and are confused because you’re not seeing Cyberpunk 2020, its because Playstation Access livestreams all day, which means you’re probably watching an earlier portion where they’re playing video games instead of tabletop demos.

A Pair of The Witcher TRPG Reviews

Two different video game news and review websites have put down their controllers and picked up their dice in order to give us their thoughts on The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game. We consider this temporary replacement of pixels with pen and paper on these sites to be quite the victory!

According to the review by Marshall Lemon at VG24/7:

On a mechanical level, The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG does an excellent job of adapting every system from the video games.

Connor Sheridan over at GamesRadar broke the book down section by section. Among his observations:

Why spend all your time fighting monsters when you could become a successful Craftsman or Merchant? I’m not kidding! There’s a detailed crafting system, with all kinds of recipes and reagents, and somebody has to sell all of those goods. And there’s even a pretty cool optional system for Verbal Combat, allowing for non-violent conflicts to have just as much tension and impact as stabbing a griffin’s eyes out. You could always make your merchant handy with a sword if you want to take them on more traditional adventures too – professions determine your character’s overall archetype, but you’re always free to pick up other skills.

You can read both reviews by clicking on the links above!

We Make CBR’s List

The Witcher TRPG wasn’t the only one of our games getting some love on the bigger geek culture websites! Cyberpunk 2020 got a mention, along with several other RPGs which writer Jonathan H. Kantor considers to be better than a certain popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (thankfully, it wasn’t on the list for games which are worse!). You’ll have your own opinions on the games on the list, of course, but its an interesting read!

Mike Screws With SimCity

Kotaku was one of several outlets to zoom in on a specific detail in Mike Pondsmith’s seminar (where he chats with Eurogamer’s Johnny Chiodini) at PAX West. Specifically, they seemed quite impressed with the idea of Mike modeling Night City using the original SimCity computer game back in the day on his Apple II.

The Song of Our Hearts

We’re going to end this week with a cover of Johnny Silverhand’s Chipping In done by musician Ripley Sterling over on YouTube. Yep. People are covering stuff Mike Pondsmith wrote in the 80’s and Johnny Silverhand “released” in the 2020s!

How chilled is that? Keep safe on the streets and keep your swords sharp!

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