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From the Screamsheets, 10/6/2018

The weather’s turning colder outside and the leaves are starting to turn but we still have time for another edition of From the Screamsheets! Each weekend we take a look at the internet and highlight the places R. Talsorian, our games, and our people are being chatted about in the wide world of blogs, videos, and podcasts.

News Close To Home

The biggest news involving R. Talsorian Games this week comes not from outside but from within! We’ve successfully transitioned from in-house distribution to a fulfillment service. This means our webstore is back open for business and our turn around on sending out orders will be much quicker. Better yet, there’s two specific products we are now offering for sale we want to highlight!

  • The Witcher TRPG is now available! The gritty, dark, dangerous RPG which lets you play in the world of The Witcher can be purchased from our store in the form of a beautiful, full-color hardcover.
  • And Cyberpunk 2020 is back in stock! This is the classic, black and white, inspired by the 80s softcover which defined the genre when it came to gaming.

Overviews of a Classic

Speaking of Cyberpunk, if you want to get a good overview of the game’s history, there’s a couple of spots which popped up this week worth checking out.

RPGGamer has put together a lovely video as the first in their RetroRPG series which talks about the game.

Meanwhile, over at Stu Horvath’s Vintage RPG blog, you can check out not just pictures but commentary on the original CyberpunkCyberpunk 2020Forlorn HopeChromebook 1, and Night City.

And an Overview of a New Classic

Over on Comics, Clerics & Controllers, Cameron Day has put together a video review of The Witcher TRPG. Give it a watch!

Finishing Off With Some Play

And we’ll end this week’s From the Screamsheets with two new Actual Plays.

  • The crew at Kill Box have taken a break from chatting about video games to play Cyberpunk 2020 in an adventure entitled Two Idiots Embark on a Fetch Quest. The nice thing is, this one’s a podcast so its easier to listen to on the go! Part 1 is available. We’re hoping for part 2 soon!
  • If you want something more visual, check out the GW7NY Twitch channel! They’ve got a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign going now! In fact, as we’re posting this, they’re streaming their third session live!

That’s it for this weekend! Rest well, play well, and keep your dice sharp! We’ll be back next week.


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