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Selling Out the Revolution

We interrupt the revolution for the following announcement…

We’re pleased to announce Cybergeneration Second Edition is the Deal of the Day over on DriveThruRPG! This means the PDF version of Cybergeneration v2 (which we’ve recently bookmarked and optimized) is on sale for $4.40 for the next 24 hours! After that, it returns to its normal price.

Cybergeneration is the spin-off game of Cyberpunk 2020 where you play teenagers infected with the nanotech disease known as The Carbon Plague. Given strange powers by the Carbon Plague, you’ll find yourself on the run from dark agents of the Incorporated States of America who want to kill you, Corps who want to slice you open or enslave you, and strange Cults who think you’re either a messiah of the new age or an inhuman menace to be put down. Its one part cyberpunk, one part teen superhero and all fun!

… we now return you to your regularly scheduled revolution.

(If you’re humming the animated ’90s X-Men theme song right now, you’re not alone…)

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