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R. Talsorian Around the World

With The Witcher TRPG now available for purchase in a physical, hardcover format, we’ve had a number of requests on how to get the book, and other books such as Cyberpunk 2020, in parts of the world which aren’t the United States.

Of course, you can always order any of our books from our webstore since we ship to any location in the world which receives post. However, if you’re looking to avoid international shipping fees and/or support your local game store, there are now options.

That’s the scoop for the moment. If you’re in another part of the world and want to order our games, find a local distributor or two and send them an email letting them know you want this game to be carried! Nothing motivates a business so much as customer demand.

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    • Hello! You’ll want to ask the staff of Reroll Games to check with Asmodee UK. They’re a distributor who carries our books in your part of the world and are the most likely venue for ordering them.

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