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How to Play The Witcher TRPG: The Movie!

We’re excited to announce the first in a new series of videos, created by our team and (inexpertly) narrated by our media ambassador J Gray, to teach gamers how to play The Witcher TRPG!

The first video was just uploaded and starts from the beginning, with attacking and defending in melee!

We’re aiming to release one video per week. Got a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “How to Play The Witcher TRPG: The Movie! Leave a comment

  1. Hey guys… still waiting for more videos! Loved the first one although I would have loved it to be a full encounter (until the bandit died).

    Some topics I’d love to see:
    1. Different attacks vs different defenses (e.g. Melee, Magic and Ranged attack vs. all types of defense)
    2. How critical hits/fumbles will look in some of the above mentioned
    3. Verbal combat (Dandelion vs. a rival bard or something)
    4. A witcher vs. a monster

    Thanks and btw… awesome job you’ve done with this TRPG. Can wait for the errata, more videos and supplements in the future 🙂

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