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From the Screamsheets, 10/13/2018

Hello! Welcome to From the Screamsheets, where we take a look at where R. Talsorian Games is being talked about on the intertubes! Today, we’re turning our digital eye inward as we peek at our site.

We’ve been updating our website quite a bit in the past few weeks. Some of the changes are visual, while others are structural. Among the changes…

  • There’s a slider at the top of the landing page which highlights five of our game lines (The Witcher TRPGCyberpunkMektonCastle Falkenstein, and Teenagers from Outer Space).
  • There are nested menus at the top which lead to pages for our game lines, our storefronts, downloads, and information about the company.
  • We’ve also updated both our DriveThruRPG page and our webstore to better visually match our main site.

In addition to updating the visuals, we’ve also updated and added a number of new pages to the site to help gamers better understand our company and our games!

A special thanks to all Talsorian Rexes everywhere, who have joined with us as we continue our revival and march into the future! See you next week!

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    • If there’s enough demand for it. To be honest, there’s nothing quite so sad as a hardly used forum and, these days, there are so many other avenues of communication…

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