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The Amazing Anime Bundle!

Its a new week! We’ve got a new bundle!

We’ve put together The Amazing Anime Bundle! Five books, all inspired by (you guessed it) anime! R. Talsorian Games has always been the pioneer when it came to anime and manga-inspired games and now we’re sharing the best we have to offer as one bundle at 30% off.

The Amazing Anime Bundle includes:

  • Teenagers from Outer Space (3rd edition), the original anime-inspired RPG.
  • Mekton Zeta and Mekton Zeta Plus, which are like two gestalt mechs combining together to make the best giant robot piloting RPG ever!
  • The Mekton Zeta Tactical Screen. Not just a GM screen but a booklet full of hints, tips, advice, and adventure ideas!
  • Operation Rimfire. The ideal setting for combining your love of giant robots with soap opera drama.

You can buy the bundle in both physical and digital forms!

The hardcopy bundle runs $77.70 and is available at our webstore.

The digital bundle runs $38.15 and is available at DriveThruRPG!

The 30% off sale on this bundle lasts until 11/22 or until we run out of books! Whichever comes first!

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