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From the Screamsheets, 11/11/18

You might be binge playing a certain cowboy game but you can still take a break and read From the Screamsheets! This is our weekly look at where you can find R. Talsorian and our games are being mentioned on the wilds of the Internet!

R. Talsorian in the Wild!

We’re seeing more and more stores carrying our games! Here’s just a few out there:

Speaking of Our Store

We’ve ended our deep discount on the Cyberpunk Essentials Bundle but we’re keeping it up for sale and have added Night City to the print version! If you didn’t know, the Cyberpunk Essentials Bundle is a collection of books which includes Cyberpunk 2020Night CityChromebook 1/2Chromebook 3/4Blackhand’s Guide, and Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads! If you purchase the bundle, you get 10% off all the books. You can grab the physical version from our store. The digital version of the bundle is available from DriveThruRPG. And stay tuned, because we’re announcing a new bundle for sale on Monday!

Watch Some Great Actual Play!

There’s two great groups currently playing long term The Witcher TRPG campaigns. They both play live on Twitch but also post their sessions on YouTube.

  • HintPlaysTabletop‘s campaign is called Galasweyn Investigations and is 6 sessions in.
  • While the WanderingDM runs a campaign graphically entitled The North Will Burn. They’ve got three sessions posted thus far.

Both are fantastic to watch/listen to. And if you’re hungry for more Actual Play of our games, check out the list we’ve put together. We’ve conveniently categorized the Actual Plays by game and noted which are audio only and which are video. If you’ve done Actual Play of one of our games, let us know. We’ll take a look/listen and maybe link it to our list!

More Videos!

And that’s not all the videos we have to talk about this week!

  • The second episode of our How to Play Cyberpunk 2020 series went live this week! This second video continues the adventures of Brooks and Bouncer as they run away from a group of Bozos! It covers all facets of automatic weapons fire as well as rules for cover and extra actions.
  • YouTube personality Kazuliski continues to cover Cyberpunk news with his latest video in which he talks about some news from both CD Projekt Red and from R. Talsorian Games!
  • Finally, there’s no video yet, but we’re making a Q&A webseries featuring Mike and Cody Pondsmith. Called Listen Up!, we’ll be answering questions about the lore, mechanics, history, and future of our games. If you want to submit a question, you can fill out the form on our site. Please note, we won’t be answering questions about Cyberpunk 2077 or CD Projekt Red unless they relate directly to Mike’s involvement with the game or the links between 2020 and 2077.

And that’s all for this week! Thanks for stopping by. Have an amazing week and remember. We’re all Cyberpunk. Except when we’re all from the Continent. Or all Giant Robot pilots. Or Anime High School Students. Or Victorian Adventurers.

Well, you get the idea.

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