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We Need Your Questions!-

R. Talsorian Games is proud to announce…


Our new Q&A show with Mike and Cody Pondsmith! Mike is, of course, the legendary creator of Cyberpunk 2020Castle FalkensteinMekton, and so much more! Cody’s our lead designer on The Witcher TRPG! And they’ll be combining their powers for the first season of Listen Up! our Q&A webseries where they’ll be answering YOUR questions about the lore, mechanics, and history of our games.

  • Has a piece of the puzzle that is the Fourth Corporate War been bugging you?
  • Unsure of a mechanic in The Witcher TRPG?
  • Have a question about just which Ludwig II the Ludwig II in Castle Falkenstein actual is?
  • Curious about what lore we added to the Bubblegum Crisis universe with The Bubblegum Crisis RPG?
  • Want to know just what sort of rubber the giant monsters in Teenagers from Outer Space are made of?
  • Got other questions about R. Talsorian and our games?

Now’s your chance to ask! We’re soliciting questions from now until 11/22. At that point, we’ll stop taking questions, sort through, and select some for the show! We’ll film it, edit it, and aim to start airing it on our YouTube channel in January 2019!

Questions can be submitted via our Listen Up! page on this website (you can click on the link provided or find it under the Blog Features menu at the top of the page).

We can’t promise every question submitted will be answered but every question submitted will be considered for the show.

Thank you!

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