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Cyberpunk Bundles (plural) of Holding!

Here’s word of something amazing happening on the NET, choombas! The amazing Bundle of Holding has announced not one but two Cyberpunk bundles! And one of them has an exclusive, never before offered in digital form product!!! Its a great price for a bunch of content and each sale benefits the Electronic Frontier Foundation!


The Cyberpunk 2020 Bundle starts at $14.95 and offers the following PDFs:

  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • Solo of FortuneProtect & Serve, Rockerboy, and Wild Side
  • Blackhand’s Guide

If you hit the $27.97 level up threshold, you’ll also receive these PDFs:

  • Night City
  • Pacific RimEurosource Plus, and Rough Guide to the UK
  • Chromebook 1/2 and Chromebook 3/4
  • Deep Space
  • Rache Bartmoss’ Guide to the Net
  • Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
  • Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!


Such a good deal, Rache Bartmoss actually shelled out eddies for it!

And, if you need more chrome in your life, there’s the Cyberpunk Boost Bundle!

The bundle begins at $12.95 and includes these PDFs:

  • Cybergeneration 2nd edition
  • Firestorm: Stormfront and Firestorm: Shockwave
  • The Cyberpunk 2020 Data Screen

To level up, pay at least $19.99 and receive these PDFs:

  • Cyberpunk v3 and The FlashPak
  • EcoFrontMediaFront, and Virtual Front
  • When Gravity Fails
  • NeoTribesEurotour: Danger and Death on a Euro-Rock Tour, and Edgerunners, Inc.
  • Bartmoss’s Brainware Blowout


That Cyberpunk 2020 Data Screen is of special note because its been off the market for well over a decade. We’ve just remastered the screen so the panels will print out crisp and clear and ready to insert into your home GM screen of choice! It also comes with When the Chips Are Down, the original adventure insert set in a Cyberpunk Melbourne, Australia! (The adventure is scanned and not a remastered version). It also is exclusive to this Bundle for the immediate future and won’t be available for sale anywhere else.

Both Bundles will be available for the next 22 days! After that, they’ll be gone!



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