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One Sweet Teen of a Deal

Tommy Tanaka slammed into the fingerprint smeared glass of Dark Metaphor, the gothiest store in the mall. It was just in time, too, as hundred of feet and tentacles and psueopods rushed past. If he hadn’t dodged out of the way, he would have been crushed beneath the rampaging mob of humans and aliens.
“This can only mean one thing,” Tommy said as a watermelon-sized flying saucer zoomed by his head, its tiny occupant cheering madly. “Teenagers from Outerspace must be the Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG…”
That’s right, folks! You can grab the digital version of the original anime comedy RPG, Teenagers from Outerspace today over at DriveThruRPG for only $4!
That’s less than the cost of a boy/girl gun! Grab it now!

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