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R. Talsorian Convention Schedule!

Its 2019 which means the new convention season can begin! Convention season is year round now, so we’re expanding our presence. Here’s our current convention schedule for the year. We’ve added a dedicated page on the site for this purpose, so check back there occasionally to see if we’ve added to it.

  • TotalCon in Marlborough, MA. February 21st thru the 24th. Running games. No booth.
  • GAMA Trade Show in Reno, NV. March 11th thru the 15th. Booth. Panels. 
  • PyrCon in Poznan, Poland. April 26th thru the 28th. Guest. No booth.
  • GenCon in Indianapolis, IN. August 1st thru the 4th. Booth. Games. Panels.

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