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Lords and Lands: The Noble

Hey everybody, Cody Pondsmith here! As we were looking over possible additions to the Witcher TRPG one class concept really stuck out to us:

The Noble!

While many of the nobles in The Witcher are corrupt, unpleasant, and backstabbing it’s hard to argue that they aren’t movers and shakers. Playing a Noble presents an interesting balance between social intrigue and battlefield tactics, allowing the players to be anything from a sneaky, underhanded courtier to a stalwart, noble knight on the battlefields of the 3rd Northern War! I’ll hand it over to our Social Media Manager, J Grey to give you guys a bit of an overview of the class!


The nobility is, as some have said, a class unto itself and with Lords and Lands, our upcoming GM Screen Expansion for The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game, the nobles of the Continent will be no exception. Lords and Lands includes the Noble Profession and provides a new set of rules for players who want to place their character focus on being at the top of the social ladder.

Defining Skill

The Noble’s Defining Skill is Notoriety, which enhances their Reputation. The bonuses they receive are greater in their home territory and in allied lands but even when in neutral or hostile lands, a Noble’s station allows them some benefit.

Noble Skill Tree

As with all Professions, the Noble’s Skill Tree has three branches.

  • The Dilettante rejoices in flitting from hobby to hobby, gaining knowledge of many fields but mastering few. Their penultimate skill allows them to host parties of grand design, giving them a chance to show off their many talents and impress their peers as well as giving them bonuses to their own social skills during the fête.
  • The Leader is a rare noble who leads not only by birthright but by deed and whose voice carries both the weight of authority and the lifting wings of inspiration. Follow this branch to the end, and your character will receive their own estate which can be improved over time and confers a wide variety of benefits.
  • The Knight embodies the highest ideas and principals of the nobility. Their will is iron and their skills absolute, especially as a mounted warrior. At the end of this branch, players will find a skill which allows their Noble to sacrifice armor to avoid Critical Wounds.

With Lords and Lands we’re aiming for a GM screen supplement which isn’t just the screen plus a book of tables or a simple adventure and we think we’re succeeding. In addition to the Noble Profession, the booklet in this supplement will also include the Halfling race, rules for creating “everyman” NPCs, and a selection of new weapons, alchemical items, and general gear.

Keep your swords sharp, my friends.

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  1. Hi Cody! One question, why not include either the gnome race aswell? Thanks and keep this great job!

    • Hi, there! This booklet has to be small enough to fit snuggly inside a folded GM screen, so there’s only so much room. We decided one race, one profession, and a few other fun things was the best fit.

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