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Convention and Game Play Support

We’re looking to expand the presence of R. Talsorian Games in the world during 2019 but we can’t be at every con and make new games! We also know and value the contribution smaller, local conventions and Actual Plays make to our hobby and community.

So, that being said! If you are…

  • A convention or multitable store event looking for support from our company, please visit and fill out our new digital Convention Support form!
  • If you’re an Actual Play or if you’re running one of our games at a convention or store event, please visit and fill out our Game Play Support form!
  • The same is true for school and library groups and youth programs! RPGs can be an important part of a kid’s life and if you’re stepping up to make that happen, we want to help! Please visit and fill our our Game Play Support form as well!

You’re doing your part to help increase our visibility. We want to make sure you get the support you deserve to do it!

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  1. Back in 2014 I ran cyberpunk 2020 at to small local conventions upon my acceptance to GM at these cons I reached out to you for any kind of help or support. To my absolute amazement you reached replied to me on that very same day and pledged your support. Everyone that played and those convention games had a blast and I was able to give away the books that you sent me and those folks went home to start their own cyberpunk games. I know you guys hear this all the time but love you and keep up the good work. And thanks, discovering cyberpunk is what made me want to be a game master.

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