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A Witcher’s Journal: Three More Creatures

Hello, everyone! This is J Gray. Yesterday, I realized we didn’t have a Developer’s Note for this weekend. Wanting to remedy the situation, I tracked down Mike Pondsmith, thinking we could use a DevNote on Cyberpunk Red. The sound of explosions from the R. Talsorian Games firing range, however, deterred me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what it he was doing. Plausible deniability is a good thing.

No problem, I figured. I’d find Cody Pondsmith and ask him to write up a DevLog. I found him in the R. Talsorian Games armory, ripping into a target dummy with a pair of long claws he had fashioned from the guts of a broken toaster and some coconut oil.

“Figuring out damage stats for monsters for the bestiary?” I asked.

He grunted something which I took to be an affirmative.

“Want me to pick three creatures from your notes and write the DevLog this week, then?” I asked.

Another grunt. I’m hoping it meant “Go for it” and not “Go to the butcher and buy a pig carcass so I can test these babies out on real flesh”.

Its easy to confuse the two. Either way, here’s a glimpse at three more monsters which will debut in A Witcher’s Journal, our upcoming The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game bestiary.

Travelers in Toussaint will have reason to be wary while journeying through the fields and forests. Giant centipedes may be no problem for an experienced witcher but the less combat minded will find their burrowing-based surprised attacks and acid venom to be quite the challenge.

Harpies, on the other hand, might seem more nuisance than challenge. Like the birds they vaguely resemble, their power lies in numbers and they find their courage lacking when alone. When acting as a flock, however, they become deadly as their ability to fly makes it harder to track where the next attack may come from.

You can call them bucca, pustecki, or polterduk if you like, but in A Witcher’s Journal we’ll be calling them knocker and they’ll be another intelligent creature PCs can negotiate and treat with instead of fight if they so desire. If you do want to fight them, be careful. Their superior night vision and ability to wield weapons can make them a difficult foe.

And there you have it! Three more creatures which will be appearing in A Witcher’s Journal to make the Continent a more dangerous and intriguing place to play! Of course, A Witcher’s Journal isn’t all we have in the works. The Lords and Lands expansion, which includes the GM screen as well as a new race and profession, is in the editor’s hands, Witcher Easy Mode is in development, and its possible an adventure or two are in the making!

Keep your swords sharp, friends!

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