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Episode 1: Deep Lore

In Episode 1 of Listen Up!, Mike and Cody answer questions about the lore of both the Cyberpunk universe (as of 2020) and the Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Special thanks to Vyncent, Adam Wigley, Andrew Meythaler, Jason Rand, and Marcell Raba for their questions!

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  1. Great podcast sirs!!

    Great format!

    The founder of Kerack is a retired pirate named Osmyk (

    So after the Witcher 2 we get the Third Nilfgaardian war right?

    I’m currently reading (just starting) with Baptism of Fire… and all hell broke loose with the Second War and at that point I have to assume that Queen Meve is rolling around like what she is doing in Thronebreaker (the Gwent Game).

    Do we know what happens to Meve during the Third War?

    What would be great is have choices like you made for Witcher 2 but also for Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt; Heart of Stone; and Blood and Wine! 🙂

    Also have a look at the Witcher: Flesh and Blood comic from Dark Horse Comics! We get to see Ofir and it’s CDPR that is doing the story.

    Again… Witcher TRPG is an awesome game that I’m enjoy reading and building on ideas for my games. Do you have any pointers about Nazair and the Amell Mountains? 🙂


    • I believe Queen Meve is a feature in the new Thronebreaker game, so that might provide some answers as to her actions during the Third War. As for Nazair and the Amell Mountains, nothing off hand, but we will be doing a second season of Listen Up! down the road, so there will be another chance to submit questions!

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