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A Monster for All Seasons

Hello world! We’re back from the GAMA Trade Show and as excited as can be! At the show, Cody showed off a teaser of A Witcher’s Journal, our upcoming bestiary for The Witcher TRPG. Included on the flyer was a complete list of the creatures the bestiary will include. Some of you have already gotten a good idea of what’s on that list based on some pictures of the booth we posted but, for those Witcher fans who aren’t pixel hunters, here’s a full listing of all 35 or so beasties.


Just two of the creatures you will meet in A Witcher’s Journal. Game information is not final and subject to change.

Beasts: The massive, clawed Bear! The charging and dangerous Boar! The ambushing predator Panther!

Cursed Ones: The cleverly concealed Archspore! The sorrowful, life draining Botchling! The mysterious, mountain dwelling Vendigo!

Draconids: The venomous, dark dwelling Cockatrice! The fiery, ever reborn Phoenix! The pale, spiked tail Slyzard!

Elementa: The walking siege engines that are Earth Elementals; The mobile disasters that are Fire Elementals; The power of winter that are Ice Elementals!

Hybrids: Vicious, flocking Harpies! Unspeakably venomous Manticores! Powerful and lust-fueled Succubi!

Insectoids: The voice echoing Barbegazi! The mage created Frightener! The ground tunneling Giant Centipede!

Necrophages: The acid spitting Bullvore! The mist-cloaked Foglet! The putrid, exploding Rotfiend!

Ogroid: Will you fight or befriend the Cave Trolls? Will you bother the Cyclopse? Will your encounter with Knockers end in weal or woe?

Relicts: The puckish Godling, which might be friend or foe! The merciless Leshen, an implacable forest spirit! The tunneling Shaelmaar, armored and hairy!

Specters: The Barghest, a hellfire spitting hound! The Hym, which feeds off the self-loathing of those who sin! The Plague Maiden, a spirit of illness born from suffering!

Vampires: The swift and beautiful Bruxa! The powerful and monstrous Garkain! The swarming hordes of Plumards!

And meet two types of monsters so exceptional, each will have their own Lifepath to allow the GM to customize them for their campaign: Dragons and High Vampires!

We’re coming down to the final phases of putting together A Witcher’s Journal for release on August 1, 2019 at GenCon. You can be sure there will be more previews and sneak peeks at what’s to come before then!

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  1. *super* excited for the High Vampires and Dragons bit! Absolutely have to work one into an adventure now. Then again, with the “murder-hobo” mentality of my gamers……. hmm..

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