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From the Screamsheets, 3/24/2019

You may be tempted to go hiking as the weather turns nice, but you can still read From the Screamsheets, our weekly look at all things R. Talsorian Games!

This week, we’ll be listening to game design advice from Mike Pondsmith, spotting Cyberpunk in the wilds of the UK and Japan, getting games into the hands of kids, and of course, ending with our weekly trivia contest!

Let’s jump in.

James Hutt Enters the RTG Arena


This week, we can officially announce James Hutt has joined R. Talsorian Games as a designer. How do we know he’s going to fit in? Well, really, the bio he gave us says it all:

James Hutt is the latest Game Designer to join R. Talsorian Games, hailing proudly from the Seattle indie gaming scene. Right now he’s working on the Witcher TRPG design team because they let him carry two swords instead of one. Quite possibly he is planning to kill your character at this very moment. Don’t look. It’s already too late.

James is currently working on The Book of Tales, a collection of short adventures for The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Updates on RTG Goings Ons

We’re hard at work on Cyberpunk Red and a number of Witcher TRPG books but we’ve also taken a moment to share with the public in the past week.

Cyberpunk in the Wild!

This week we spotted Cyberpunk for sale in places which are quite far to us but perhaps close to you!

  • Shiny Games in the United Kingdom has announced they’ve got Tales from the Forlorn Hope, the classic home base setting + adventure collection for Cyberpunk 2020 in stock. Rumor has it they have a number of other R. Talsorian Games products to sell as well, so take a nice browse through their website!
  • And if you happen to read Japanese, you might be interested in this auction listing for a copy of the Yellow Submarine translation of the Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook! This isn’t a new edition but the original, put out back in the day.

Support a Good Cause

It is with great pride that R. Talsorian Games announces it is once again a sponsor of ConPlus, a 24 hour online convention and gaming telethon which raises money each year to benefit the Butterfly Project charity. The event will happen in October this year, so please mark your calendars and be ready to support this worthy cause!

The Trivia Contest!

And, finally, our weekly trivia contest!

At the end of each From the Screamsheets, we ask a trivia question and invite people to send in their answers. From the correct answers received, we randomly pick one winner to receive one currently published R. Talsorian Games PDF of their choice. Last week’s question:

What was the name of the Cyberpunk 2020/Paranoia crossover module?

Answer: Alice Through the Mirrorshades

This week’s winner is Rachel Savicki, who will be receiving a PDF copy of Castle Falkenstein!

Onto this week’s question!

Being an anime inspired game, Mekton’s Lifepath includes a number of tropes from the genre, including unusual hair colors. Name three hair colors you can randomly roll (and what numbers you have to roll on a d10 to get them) on the Mekton Zeta Lifepath which generally require dye to achieve in the real world.

If you think you know the answer, fill out the form below! We’ll pick one winner at random from all the correct answers and send them their PDF of choice. Please remember, only PDFs currently for sale can be chosen as a prize.

And that’s all we have for this week. We’ll see you next week with more From the Screamsheets! Until then, keep your giant robots tuned up, your swords sharp, and stay safe on the streets.

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