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Actual Play Spotlight!

Technological advances in recent years mean you can not only spend your time playing incredibly fun, amazing, and thought provoking RPGs but also watch other people play them as well!

And guess what! People are out there playing RPGs from R. Talsorian Games! To help you find those games, we’ll spotlight new and ongoing Actual Plays (which is what the hip crowd calls these RPG sessions you can watch online!) featuring RTG games at the end of each month.

If you’re involved in an Actual Play of one of our games, please let us know by using the contact form here on the site. We don’t promise to spotlight every Actual Play but we’ll give each one an honest listen/watch.

And if you’re looking for a master list of Actual Plays featuring RTG games, you can find it here.

All that out of the way, onward to the spotlight!

Wrapped Up Campaigns

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to see a campaign from start to finish, especially when streaming/recording it! Here’s three which recently posted their climactic episode!

  • The Final AgeQuite possibly the first The Witcher TRPG campaign to stream, this epic tale of adventure, lust, and romance has ended! With a special appearance by an on the spot Triss Merigold and romantic subplots than a game involving thrones, we salute The Final Age crew for weaving so beautiful a story.
  • High Shelf Gaming plays Cyberpunk 2020. From start to finish, the High Shelf Gaming team has understood the concepts of Style Over Substance and the strange fun that is the Dark Future. Well done!
  • Galasweyn Investigations. What happens when you take two thieves and set them loose in a town on the border of the 4th Nilgaardian War? More sessions than originally planned but a perfect example of how The Witcher TRPG can be just as fun without a Witcher as it can be with one! Season one is now wrapped up and we’re looking forward to season two!

New Actual Play Campaigns

We’re always excited to see new campaigns featuring our games starting! The following two Actual Play campaigns have only recently begun but we’re excited to see more!

  • Nerd Effect’s the Initaitive has decided to play Cyberpunk 2020. Thus far, what seemed to be an easy score transformed into a perfect scenario for testing out that age old question: Pirates vs Ninjas vs Paramedics.
  • HIntPlays Castle Falkenstein. The HIntPlays team hops away from the Dark World of the Witcher and instead enters a world of Adventure in the Age of Steam! Thus far, their Dramatic Character creation session has thrilled and we’re waiting with baited breath for more!

Fantastic One Shots

Not ever game has to be an ongoing campaign. Sometimes, its fun to just sit down and play a single session.

  • Happy Jacks played a one shot of Teenagers from Outer Space and had quite a fun time of it! As always, the combination of high school antics and anime aliens brought a smile to our faces.
  • Scratticus Academy, meanwhile, gave the Fuzion system a spin as they kicked off a 12 hour marathon play with a session based on the Aliens movie franchise.

Shiny Talsorian Rex Award!

Each month, we’ll be giving a single ongoing Actual Play campaign the coveted Shiny Talsorian Rex award! Any Actual Play campaign which receives a Shiny Talsorian Rex has not only made us laugh, cry, or display other emotions, it has done so over multiple sessions and proved their love for gaming to the world.

For their devotion to sharing the hobby with others and for teaching us the dangers of drinking water while watching an Actual Play (spit takes are bad for computers!) we present our first ever Shiny Talsorian Rex to…

The Cool Kids at Aces High Campaign


That’s all from the Actual Play Spotlight this month! We’ll be back again at the end of next month. Until then, happy gaming!


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