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Thank You, Mister Gutenberg!

Greetings, everyone! Instead of our usual Friday’s developer note, where we would offer a peek behind the curtain of a product in progress, we’re taking a moment to celebrate.


Lords and Lands, the GM screen and booklet expansion for The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game has gone to the printer! We don’t have a release date as of yet, but we’re one step closer!

Lord & Lands CoverLords and Lands will include the following:

  • A four panel, portrait oriented Gamemaster’s Screen printed on 3mm card. Thick, durable, and packed with tables and information to help a harried GM find what they need quickly.
  • People of the Continent: Rules for creating “everyman” NPCs as well as templates for artisans, criminals, entertainers, laborers, merchants, and scholars.
  • Halflings: The short folk as a playable race. They’re nimble, good with animals, and resistant to magic!
  • Nobles: A new Profession. Their Profession Skill trades off their fame and they can follow the Dilettante, Leader, and Knight paths!
  • The Estate: Follow the Leader path far enough and the Noble can gain an Estate. Ranking up the Estate Skill allows them to build more features into their holding!
  • A new Rodolf’s Wagon with
    • New weapons like the whip!
    • New alchemical items. Celestine is all the rage in the capital!.
    • New gear, because your doctor is missing a plague mask, aren’t they?

As soon as we have a solid date for release, we’ll announce it to the world and we promise the digital version will go on sale at the same time as the physical one! Until then, we’ll keep plugging away at A Witcher’s JournalThe Book of Tales, and a few other surprises down the road.

Keep your swords sharp, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Mister Gutenberg! Leave a comment

  1. hi there,
    do you have any news about the pdf book of the witcher`lords and land ? when will it be released?
    thanks a lot,
    joao claudio, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    • We don’t have a precise date yet, though it is at the printer. As soon as we know, we will post!

  2. Hi, there is a problem with the Italian version of the lords and lands expansion. The Noble Profession did not specify the number of initial coins. How much is it?

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