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Kitbashing: The Dice

Hello everyone! J Gray here and periodically between now and August 1st, I’m going to be bringing you some hints, sneak peeks, and advance info on the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit.

If you’re not in already in the know, the Jumpstart Kit will be a boxed set designed as an introduction to the upcoming new edition of our classic tabletop roleplaying game of the Dark Future, Cyberpunk Red. Our Jumpstart Kit follows in the footsteps of other “starter boxes” by providing a group with everything they need to play the game in a short period of time, all in a single package: essential and streamlined rules, pregenerated (but customizable!) characters, an easy to run adventure, some juicy world lore, and…


The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit will come with four d6s (the normal, square dice you see in any Monopoly set) and two d10s (ten-sided dice, which are a bit more diamond shaped).

And these ain’t just any dice, choombas! We didn’t want to throw a bunch of plain, “single color with white numbers” style polyhedrons into our Jumpstart Kit. That’s why we asked the amazing dice-smiths over at Q Workshop to ramp up their engines and produce a set of unique Cyberpunk-themed dice!


The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit dice (design subject to change)

Q Workshop‘s motto is All Dice Tell a Story and we agree. These dice certainly do! They’re also known for quality both in their designs and their production so we know players will enjoy rolling these lovely things when they sit down at the table to play Cyberpunk.

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