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Jumpstart Kit Art Changing

Many artists use existing photographs of models and performers for reference and inspiration when working on a project. Recently, we discovered several of the avatars we are using for our upcoming Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit’s pregenerated characters crossed the line from “inspired by” to “near duplication”. As soon as we realized the error we removed the images from our blog and social media. Our art director worked diligently with the artist and our printer to correct the problem and ensure new art will be featured in the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit in place of the old. We have also taken steps to ensure this does not happen again.

We’ve restored art, featuring new character portraits, to the original blog entry. You can also see them below.

Thank you.




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  1. I can’t wait for this, I hope it isn’t super high priced like D&D, I am super excited to play this with my friends! (greetings from Canada!)

    • Please do keep in mind what we’re talking about here is not a core rulebook. This is equivalent to the D&D Starter Kit, though our’s comes with more stuff. 🙂

      • Yeah, I know, still though you guys got me HYPED! I just got reading the old 2020 rulebooks, and I want to run Night City Stories and Chasing the Dragon for my group, specifically the one with the horse out of Night City Stories. (the books are old for me, I’m a highschooler.)

  2. That’s cool Zach, glad to see the next generation picking up CyberPunk! I was a highschooler when 2020 came out and we played it with so much enthusiasm.

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