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Bundle of Holding: Mekton

Our friends over at Bundle of Holding have just announced their latest bundle: Mekton! This one is pretty exciting and runs for the next 21 days.

If you’re new to Bundle of Holding, it is a website which offers a bundle of similarly-themed books at a deep discount. All books purchased are digital versions and a portion of the money raised goes to a worthy cause. Bundle of Holding breaks down the books into two categories. The first category is the books you get if you pay the base minimum. The second is a bonus collection which you get if you pay more than a certain amount (which goes up as the Bundle offer continues to sell, so it is good to get in early!).

The Starter Collection

For $9.95 you can pick up the Starter Collection of four books (which would normally cost $42.50 altogether).

  • Mekton Zeta, the core rulebook.
  • Mekton Zeta Plus, expansions to the core rules that make any mech possible.
  • Mekton II Techbook, easily converted to Mekton Zeta and full of good ideas.
  • Mekton Tactical Display, the GM screen + booklet.

The Bonus Collection

If you pay the Threshold price you level up to the Bonus Collection!

  • Operation Rimfire, love and drama in a mecha battlefield.
  • Mekton Empire, mech adventures among the stars!
  • Mekton Wars: Invasion Terra, the invasion of Earth has begun!
  • Starblade Battalion, a possible Mekton future of Cyberpunk 2020.
  • And, for the first time as digital downloads: Mecha Manuals 1 and 2!

You get both the Starter Collection AND the Bonus Collection for only $22 (as of this posting)! That’s a value of $87 total! Not bad at all, mech jockey!

Polished and Ready for Action

We’ve taken this Bundle of Holding as an excuse to polish up our digital Mekton offerings! Some books have been rescanned. Others have had new cover scans. They’re all bookmarked and, of course, the Mecha Manuals are brand spanking new to digital. This is the best Mekton has ever looked on a screen!

Plus, part of the profits go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization with a long history in helping protect the digital right to free speech!

So, dust off your helmet, scrub down your mech, and head over to Bundle of Holding to pick up your new Mekton material today!

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