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Kitbashing: Sneak Peeks and Screamsheets

This is it! The last Kitbashing before we debut the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit at GenCon 2019! At R. Talsorian HQ we’re packing bags and crates, making last-minute arrangements, and getting ready for the big trip to Indianapolis!

There’s been a few peeks inside the Jumpstart Kit out there. Here’s two of them. First, the character sheet for one of the pregens (Forty, the Rockerboy)…


…and the first page of chapter one of the Rule Book.


We’ve also asked James Hutt to talk about the Screamsheets he wrote for the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. While James has been working full tilt on books for both our Witcher and Cyberpunk lines for a while now, the Jumpstart Kit represents his first product with us to go to print. We’re pretty darn proud.

About Screamsheets

Here at Night City Today, we know our readers are hungry for the truth and don’t have time to chew, so we provide it in digestible, bite size chunks, and print it on a revolutionary cost-effective material. The street calls them Screamsheets.

In this Kitbashing, I’m talking about Screamsheets and how I got them to feel Cyberpunk.

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit includes three of these Screamsheets, one page adventures that come paired with one page of relevant in-universe journalism. I had a blast writing them!

No spoilers, I promise.

Here’s the rules I followed to get the feeling of Cyberpunk in the Screamsheets:

  • Keep it Street Level
  • Cyberpunk Adventures happen where the action is, at the moment of ignition.
  • The Player Characters are the spark.
  • Make it Personal
  • The story is about the Players. So, hurt them.
  • Twist Responsibly
  • The best twist is one your players don’t see coming, but is believable. Importantly, sometimes the twist is that there is no twist.
  • Keep them paranoid.
  • Trust is a slippery thing in the dark future.
  • Do your 2020 Research
  • Learn the past to write the future.
  • There is so much content to inspire you already out there!
  • Do your 2045 REDsearch
  • Make your story part of the Time of the Red.
  • Tie it in with current events to deepen the experience!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the adventures in the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit.

Have Fun,

James Hutt

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