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Lords and Lands Goes Live

Great news, everybody!

Lords and Lands, our GM Screen and Expansion for the Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game is now available as a physical product! We debuted this beauty at GenCon 2019 but now it is available through our webstore. Local retailers should be carrying it soon, as orders are going out to distributors as we speak! And yes, that includes retailers outside of the United States!

Lords and Lands has a suggested retail price of $25.00 and comes with the following:

  • A four panel Shield packed with the tables and information Gamemasters need to run the game.
  • Statistics and information on a number of common “Everyman” NPCs to help populate the Continent in a hurry.
  • Players can now work the land with a new playable Race, the Halflings!
  • Or they can rule and manage the land instead, with the new Noble Profession!
  • Plus, a selection of new weapons, alchemical items, and general gear to purchase from the back of Rodolf’s Wagon!

Curious about what it looks like? Check out the unboxing video below! We promise, that GM screen is just as thick and beautiful as it looks there!

If you want a digital version of Lords and Lands, you can pick it up at DriveThruRPG.



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4 thoughts on “Lords and Lands Goes Live Leave a comment

  1. When is the Witcher’s Journal going to be released?
    A while ago you stated that it should arrive alongside Lords and Lands.

    • Unfortunately, an addition to the concept (and an awesome one!) meant we needed more original art than anticipated. That’s taking time to make. We don’t currently have a specific release date for Witcher’s Journal.

  2. I already have the PDF download of Lords and Lands and am looking into getting a physical copy to go along my core rulebook, it is awesome the new class and race add a new play-ability angle. And await more content with bated breath. Good luck to you good folk on the Path.

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