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Kitbashing: New Characters to Play With

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit was a hit at GenCon 2019 and is a bestseller on DriveThruRPG. We at R. Talsorian Games are thrilled.

Thrilled… but not satisfied. We know a lot of you are waiting for us to make more physical boxed sets. And we know many of you want to do more with the Jumpstart Kit you have, be it digital or analog, than what’s in the box. We’re working on the first one. As for the second, the Cyberpunk design team has discussed the matter and we’re going to work hard to put out some occasional new content to use with your Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit.

What you might ask? That’s still being worked out but we decided to begin with four new pregenerated characters inspired by the Dark Future Dice Podcast from Rocket AdriftDark Future Dice explores the adventures of two tabletop RPG newbies and one veteran GM as they navigate the world of Cyberpunk 2020. They’ve been a consistent and entertaining source of Cyberpunk Actual Play this year, so we reached out and asked if we could take their characters: the PCs Barbosa and Doctor Pepper and the NPCs Sl3z3-Chan and Alloy Knight and set them up as characters using the rules of the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. They accepted, provided us stats and art and, well, here we go! Our first expansion for the Jumpstart Kit. Use the Solo, Fixer, Netrunner, and Tech as alternate pregens to give your game a different flavor, or add them in as NPCs to make the world a stranger, more wonderful place. You can download these four new Jumpstart Kit characters using the link below!


And make sure to watch/listen to the Dark Future Dice PodcastWe promise, it is entertaining as heck!

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