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Balance Town: Balancing the Dark Future

There are many wondrous and amazing places tucked away within the headquarters of R. Talsorian Games.

Enter from the front. Walk past the Art Vault and sneak past the sentry bot and you might just come across the couch. The couch is a legendary item of immense comfort which has served the RTG crew well as a place to relax, to nap, and to recharge.

It also happens to be a personal favorite hangout of James Hutt, the all-purpose writer and developer who works on both the Witcher and Cyberpunk lines.

It is no wonder, then, that James has transformed the table in front of the couch into… Balance Town.


What is Balance Town? Why don’t we let James tell you about it…

Welcome to Balance Town.

Let me show you around.

Don’t mind the blood and gore. We haven’t yet cleaned up from the last game balancing session.

On the left, you’ll see an alley where two rival drug dealers had a knife fight that ended with one of them choked out. That was one of my favorite tests.

Yes, here in balance town we are using real live TRPG characters to test our combat system. Don’t worry, they are all volunteers. They know what they are signing up for.

People are getting their legs blown off and replaced with cyberware, shotguns are clearing out alleyways, automatic fire is being perfected, and Martial Artists are cracking each other’s skulls. These real live TRPG characters are dying in waves, and happily dying. They know they are a part of the bigger picture, and their deaths only serve to bring greater balance to Balance Town, and to the Cyberpunk RED Core Book.


In the next couple of Dev Notes, we will have plenty of time to get into specifics. But for now, I’d just like to welcome you to Balance Town. You can stay. I can’t say you’ll last long, but you can stay.

Mayor and Game Designer,

James Hutt


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