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Stories from Balance Town: Red Combat

Balance Town is a legendary city of dark corners and hard streets. There, residents are pitted against each other in merciless battles as the pitiless mayor tests the rules of RTG games. Like the residents, the rules either grow strong and survive or they break and are cast aside as weak and worthless.

Life ain’t easy in Balance Town.


James Hutt, Balance Town’s mayor, knows there’s a lot of questions out there about combat in Cyberpunk Red. What’s it going to be like? Will you be able to slide on a pathway of airplane lubricant while dual wielding pistols through a hailfire of bullets? Will we be turning the blood and gore up to eleven? Will there be rules for Fatalities?

The answer to the last one is no. We’d get sued by Warner Brothers Interactive.

Still, we know you have questions and James has taken a break to write up a few answers. Enjoy.

Hello from Balance Town.

Let’s talk violence.

Cyberpunk is known as a TRPG where people love to rip off other people’s arms and eat them. In Night City, arms are considered a delicacy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about combat in the upcoming Cyberpunk RED Core Book.

Cyberpunk Red Core Combat FAQ

Q: Will the Cyberpunk RED Core Book combat system be deadly?
A: Yes.

Q: I like lots of lead. Is full auto back?
A: Yes. It’s back.

Q: Can I learn Karate? Judo?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Can I start a fight in a bar?
A: Yes, but make sure it isn’t your favorite bar.

Q: Could I lose an arm?
A: Yes.

Q: Could I get a new one, with a gun in it?
A: If you’ve got the eddies…

Q: Can I stab someone to death while they lay bleeding?
A: Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes… good lord they died after the second “Yes”. You can stop now!

Q: Will this crunch bog down combat?
A: No. We’ve made it go down smooth like a sugar cookie, but with all the chocolate chunks you love.

That’s all I’ve got time for. There’s a poser gang down on Ribcrack Hill waiting to carve up the faces of their enemies using nothing but interface cables. That’s something I’ve got to watch.

Mayor & Game Designer,

James Hutt

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