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Bringing Back the Classics

We’re pleased to announce we’ve worked with our friends at DriveThruRPG to bring two of our classic supplements for Cyberpunk 2020 back to print! These are high quality scans of the originals and are ready for you to order as Print on Demand products for your gaming shelf.


Maximum Metal is the military vehicle and powered armor supplement that “tops off” the CYBERPUNK 2020 combat system. Tanks, artillery, ground-support aircraft and AV’s, even Advanced Combat Personal Armor–everything for near-future warfare is here. And it’s all tied together by a vehicle combat and design system that allows you to put your Cyberpunkers right into the hottest action they’ve ever seen — with Metal taken to the Max!

And Eurotour, our adventure path that travels across the continent in style with Rockerboy Jack Entropy!

We also expect these books to be available in our webstore soon. We’re working hard to get more books back into print, so if there’s something not yet available for your shelfie that you want, please let us know!

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