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Kitbashing: The Apartment Map

Hey there, choombas!

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit is available for sale from DriveThruRPG, the R. Talsorian Webstore, and from local retailers!

The Jumpstart Kit comes with four different 11×17 maps to use for your Cyberpunk adventures: a bar, an office building, an urban street, and a street in the wastes.

One map which wasn’t available as an 11×17 battlemat was the one included with The Apartment, the full adventure included in the Jumpstart Kit.

Let’s fix that oversight! You can download the map by right-clicking on the image below and saving it. That’s a 300 dpi, full-sized JPG suitable for printing or on screen display.


If you prefer PDF format, we’ve got you covered there as well. Here’s the link: RTG-CPR-JSK-TheApartmentMap

Stay safe on the streets!

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