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Causes and Contests!


We’d like to congratulate ConPlus! Their Con+2 charity livestream, where they played games and gave away an absolute ton of gaming prizes (including several boxes of the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit!) was a smashing success. They raised nearly 4,000 pounds for the Butterfly Project, a charity which works to uses games to help children in disadvatanges communities learn the skills they need to become agents for change where they live.


Cinderella (above) has started gaming clubs in three villages in Uganda with resources provided by the Butterfly Project. (Photo courtesy of the Butterfly Project)

Check out ConPlus and consider helping them with their projects in the future!


We are pleased to announce that our founder, leader, and Cyberpunk lead designer, Mike Pondsmith, will be the featured speaker at Retro Inspired, the game jam and competition that offers tertiary education students a chance to develop a video game and show it off to industry professionals. Retro Inspired is held annually at James Cook University Singapore. Students will begin making their game on November 8 and must turn it in on the next day, November 9. On the 10th, the games will be judged and prized awarded. The participants will also get to attend a lecture led by Mike, where he’ll talk about gaming and the industry.

R. Talsorian Games is thrilled to be part of an event that will help encourage and develop the talent of the next generation of video game designers.

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