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A Castle Falkenstein Announcement

In which we introduce three new volumes into the Castle Falkenstein canon and highlight an incredible opportunity to purchase the entire line and help a worthy cause.


It is with great excitement that we announce the Castle Falkenstein Bundle of Holding!

For a mere $11.95, you can acquire four essential volumes which will allow you to play the definitive game of high adventure and romance in the Age of Steam!


We do not stop there, friends! No! For a modest sum more you can add to your bundle SIX additional books! Including THREE which have never before been published by R. Talsorian Games! That is correct, friends! Curious Creatures, Firearms and Margarine, and Variations on the Great Game have been added to the R. Talsorian canon for Castle Falkenstein and are available for the first time from this esteemed publisher via this magnificent offer!


Do not hesitate! Purchase your Bundle today!

A Further Word on the New Volumes

Admirers of the Great Game will recognize the three newest additions to the Castle Falkenstein line as ones previously published by the esteemed Fat Goblin Games. These are indeed those same classics and, thus, if they are in your library there is no need to reacquire them. With one possible exception!


Firearms and Margarine, a full-length Adventure Entertainment, has been expanded upon with ten pages of additional content! To the original and excellent work we have added:

  • New sidebars to better explain the lore of the world for the benefit of Hosts and Players!
  • An additional, romantic subplot that can lead to adventures of its own!
  • A map of the margarine factory in question!
  • Clue charts to help Hosts track which clues have been discovered by the Dramatic Characters!
  • A brief but comprehensive guide to the Paris of Castle Falkenstein, written by the somewhat salacious but always knowledgable Miss Pauline Peril!

Should you be new to these three volumes, please know…

  • Firearms and Margarine is an Adventure Entertainment in the form of a mystery, centered around the assassination of a Faerie labor leader in Paris.
  • Curious Creatures is a comprehensive bestiary containing the strange and unusual creatures of the world of Castle Falkenstein, including the Questing Beast, the White Whale, and the Jabberwock!
  • And Variations on the Great Game offers a number of new rule options, allowing Host and Players to customize Castle Falkenstein as they see fit!

Quite honestly, there has literally never been a better time to acquire the entire portfolio of canon publications for Castle Falkenstein at such a reasonable price! Perhaps best of all, a percentage of the proceeds raised will be donated to Reading is Fundamental, one of the most worthy causes to ever grace the world.

Please do consider purchasing the Bundle today!

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