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Toss a Coin: The Witcher’s Journal News

Hello, friends!

R. Talsorian Games is currently traveling home from the GAMA Expo, the annual US trade show for the hobby gaming industry. While we were there we revealed some key information about The Witcher’s Journal, our upcoming bestiary for the Witcher TRPG. 

The Release Date

We’re in the final stages of editing and layout so The Witcher’s Journal will be traveling to Poland soon for inspection and approval by our partners at CD Projekt Red. Once that’s done, we’ll get it to the printer. Should everything go as planned, we hope to hit a release window of June 2020.

The Cover

We also revealed the cover of The Witcher’s Journal, which shows Erland of Larvik, one of the first witchers and the writer of the titular “witcher’s journal” in a haunting moment.


The art is by Martina Fačková, who we feel has taken Erland and lifted him into a soulful moment that tells a compelling story in one mystically haunting moment. Here’s the cover without the text.


That’s it for now. We’ve got a flight to catch. Everyone stay safe and keep your swords sharp. We’ll see you next Friday!

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  1. Look forward to it, my groups are loving this game and it is now my primary fantasy rpg so ill certianly buy a copy as soon as released.

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