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Maximum Mike Live Tonight!

Hello, choombas!

Tonight, Maximum Mike Pondsmith goes live to run a game of Cyberpunk Red and you get to watch!


As part of Virtual GaryCon, Mike’s leading a distinguished cast of players through the Time of the Red. As a crew working for a mysterious Fixer named Turbo, these six Edgerunners find goods in the wild and bring them back to sell in the Night Market for a cut of the profit.

The game is sponsored by R. Talsorian Games and Monster Fight Club and will feature sounds from Syrinscape.

The game will go live tonight at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) on and

The game will be available as VoD afterwards and we’ll let you know as soon as that goes live.

Meet the Crew


  • Name: Paladin
  • Role: Solo
  • Player: The Beast
  • Remember: Beware the old man where most often die young.
  • Last Thing You’ll Hear? Two for the chest and the face gets the rest.


  • Name: Lucky
  • Role: Medtech
  • Player: Luke Gygax
  • Used to Work For: Trauma Team
  • Now Works For: Himself. He even has his own damn AV-4.


  • Name: TooTall
  • Role: Nomad
  • Player: John Kovaleski
  • Goal in Life: Keeping his Nomad clan’s cargo moving.
  • Never Far From: His little friend. Peace through superior firepower.


  • Name: Nox Arya
  • Role: Rockerboy
  • Player: Noura Ibrahim
  • Hit Single: Vidiot Revolution
  • Publicity Quote: We are all Noxstars!


  • Name: Cereal Killer
  • Role: Netrunner
  • Player: Matthew Lillard
  • Quote: We have no names! No names! We are nameless!
  • Are Those Skatefeet? Those are skatefeet.


  • Name: Krasnaya Rubashka
  • Role: Solo
  • Player: Jason Azevendo
  • Not Much of a Secret: He doesn’t love his handle.
  • Question: What do you do when you’re a highly trained killer with a background in demolitions?

Like the sculpts on those miniatures, choombas? Monster Fight Club has them up for sale, along with two different sets of Jumpstart Kit minis over on their virtual booth from now until the 30th! The Jumpstart Kit miniatures will make their way out to retailers eventually but the minis made especially for this game are a special just for Virtual GaryCon! Pick them up before they’re gone!

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