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Go Fishing! With Teenagers!


Under normal circumstances on April Fool’s Day, we’d make an announcement about some sham product that we have no intention to publish, then link you to a perfectly usable, if silly, PDF for use with one of our games.

Last year, for example, we announced a farming supplement for The Witcher TRPG and released a “preview” in the form of the Peasant Profession, which is actually a fully functional Profession that people have used and enjoyed in their Witcher games.

Given all that’s going on right now, though, playing any sort of April Fool’s prank seems in poor taste, so we’re going to skip right past the sham product announcement and link you to the perfectly usable, if silly, PDF.

Anglers from Planet X

This year, we’ve gone a little overboard, with a PDF supplement for our comedy anime roleplaying game, Teenagers from Outer Space! We made TFOS free to download during the pandemic crisis and thousands of you took advantage of the offer. Why not, we thought, give you the one thing our (sort of) JRPG was missing that all JRPGs should have?

A Fishing Minigame!

That’s right! Now you can download, at absolutely no cost to you (beyond the cost of your internet connection and any equipment you need to store and display the PDF – we’re not paying for that!), this fine, 26-page document (two of the pages are the front and back cover) chock full of fishing goodness from DriveThruRPG!

Anglers from Planet X

What’s in Anglers from Planet X? A fishing minigame! We already told you that! But, to satisfy your curiosity, here’s the back cover with all the sales pitch text and a cute mermaid!

Anglers from Planet X

Ready to download Angles from Planet X and get your fishing on? You can pick it up at the link below. Enjoy!

And, seriously. Take care of yourself. We worry.

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