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Falkenstein Friday: Clockwork Prosthetics

Good day to you all! As it is Friday, we felt it appropriate to craft a blog posting dedicated to the Great Game, Castle Falkenstein.

Today, we are adding a new bit of “DLC” to enhance your sessions. Clockwork prosthetics were first mentioned in the core rulebook for Castle Falkenstein, where cost and gadget slots were detailed. However, we wished to explore the concept further. Thankfully, among the correspondence of Captain Olam, sent to us across the Faerie Veil, we discovered notes written upon pages torn from an issue of Popular Inventiowhich told the story of how clockwork prosthetics have developed in New Europa. Captain Olam was also kind enough to offer a few thoughts on rules for their fitting, repair, and use.

You can download this new content by clicking on the link below.


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