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Cyberpunk Red Update

Hey there, choomba!

We’ve got some Cyberpunk Red news for you. We’ll start with the sad and move onto the good. Stick with us to the end!

Sad News

We’ll just come right out and say it. The TRPG industry got punched in the gut by the pandemic and there’s just no way we can release in June without compromising quality. We’re currently looking at summer’s end for a release but until the world calms down and things stop fluctuating, our crystal ball is full of fog.

Good News

That doesn’t mean we’re slacking off, though! Tonight (5/15) at 8pm ET (5pm PT), the crew over at WanderingDM’s Twitch channel will be showcasing the Cyberpunk Red character generation system. Cyberpunk Red actually has three methods of generating characters, but WanderingDM will be leading his players through the Complete Package method which allows for full customization. The video will be available later on YouTube but if you’ve got the time, please stop by, support WanderingDM, and participate in the chat. Maybe they’ll even answer a question or two if you have it!

You can watch here:

Also Good News!

Mike Pondsmith has been running a Cyberpunk Red game for a bevy of wicked cool people, including Matthew Lillard, Noura Ibrahim, and Luke Gygax! You can watch the first two episodes on RealmSmith’s YouTube channel!

Will there be more? We’re working on making part three happen as we speak!

Keep in mind, with both tonight’s chargen session and Mike’s game, nothing’s final until the book is at the printer. What you see might not be the final ruleset but it’ll still be a good preview and a fun time.

Until next time, stay safe everywhere you go!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I don’t mind waiting longer if that improves the product and quality.

  2. You should do a digital release first then a print run, let us proof read the doc, because we will buy it twice if it is good.

  3. Is there any update to this situation? More squarely, is there an ETA on when we can at least preorder the game or will be able to purchase it?

    • We’re aiming hard for the end of summer but the world’s a topsy turvy place right now. As soon as we have more solid info we’ll share it with the world.

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