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Tossing Coins: A Witcher Update

Love for the Witcher remains strong, be that in video game, book, television, or TRPG form! Today we’re feeding that love with some new Witcher TRPG news on Witcher’s Journal and Book of Tales, our upcoming supplements for the game.

Witcher’s Journal Goes to Print!

With the press of a button, we’ve sent the files for Witcher’s Journal, our bestiary and exploration of the golden age of the witcher order, off to the printer! We’re hoping for a late June release of the book but also asking everyone to be aware that the industry (and indeed the world) is in a strange place right now and delays could still happen due to a number of factors beyond our control.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re sharing a new piece of art with you. This illustration of Erland of Larvik and two companions in battle against a cyclops was done by Amirul Fadli.


New Tale Tellers!

With Witcher’s Journal off to the printer, we’re focusing more attention on Book of Tales, a compilation containing six new adventures as well as new options for players and gamemasters! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce two new writers we’ve added to the roster!

Linda Evans

Linda got dragged to her first game session as a 16-year-old and found herself exploring Dracula’s crypt in the flat above a pub. Gaming has been at the core of her life ever since and has taken in many games, systems and brought her most of her friends. Call of Cthulhu is embedded in her hindbrain and most of the stories she inflicts on players come with a slice of fear, dark humor and morally grey areas. Linda, aka Druttercup on Twitch, co-founded Hobbygamers International and now HInt_plays streams weekly, with a rotating cast of games, GMs and players. She’s got a deep-seated love of The Witcher, evinced by the fact that she’s on season 2 of her campaign but has also recently run CoC, Castle Falkenstein, and dabbled in the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. Linda is delighted that “scary lady” is an accurate description, and considers it holds up whether she’s wielding dice or a sword.

Sara Thompson

Sara is a disabled creator working as a disability advocate in the TTRPG community and writing spheres. Her homebrew work so far includes combat-designed silver and meteorite prosthetics for Witchers that can be upgraded with specialized weapons, and a guide on how to roleplay and address disability in your own Witcher TRPG games. She has also written homebrews for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons such as the Combat Wheelchair and is the Founder of Heroes Without Limits, a sizeable community built to produce and stream real play tabletop games with an all-disabled/chronically ill/neurodivergent cast and crew.

Linda and Sara will be joining Witcher line developer Cody Pondsmith and “Mayor of Balancetown” James Hutt in crafting new adventures, monsters, and more to bring to your game in Book of Tales.

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  1. Very exciting news!!! I hope everything goes well and we have the Witcher’s Journal still on June.

    • Is there any news regarding the book’s release? It looks super cool and I’m eagerly awaiting the moment when I can buy it and apply it to my witcher campaign!! ^^

      • Hi! The book is at the printer but, given what’s going on in the world, we don’t have a date yet as to when they’ll be shipping it back to us. As soon as we know, we’ll announce it.

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