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Witcher’s Journal Release Date

Hello, everyone!

We’re pleased to say our upcoming bestiary for the bestselling Witcher TRPGA Witcher’s Journal, is either in the hands of or on its way to distributors! We’ll be releasing A Witcher’s Journal on July 2nd. At this time the digital version will be available for sale on DriveThruRPG and the physical copy will be available from our webstore. Stores in the United States should be selling it either on that date or close to it, depending on when they ordered, distribution processes, and shipping. It is our hope to see the books in markets outside the United States as soon as possible but that’s harder for us to control.

A Witcher’s Journal has a SRP of $30 (physical) or $15 (digital).


A Witcher’s Journal is a bestiary for The Witcher TRPG and provides over 30 new monsters, including Higher Vampires and True Dragons as well as new lore about the origins of the witchers and the witcher schools as well as an investigation system for running mysteries.

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