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Buy Some Monsters

A Witcher’s Journal, the bestiary and new lore guide for the Witcher Pen and Paper RPG is now available!

You can purchase A Witcher’s Journal in physical format directly from our webstore or from your friendly local gaming store (if they don’t have it, they can order it from a number of distributors). You can purchase a digital copy from DriveThruRPG.

Want to know more about A Witcher’s Journal? Check out our devnotes on the book or check out the preview we posted last month!


Take a glimpse into the Golden Age of Witchers, when monsters roamed the world and you could hardly travel into the next town without running into a cyclops or a foglet! Through the journal of the founder of the Griffin School of Witchers, Erland of Larvik, you’ll encounter many new monsters; some of which haven’t been seen in generations.

A Witcher’s Journal is a supplement for the Witcher Pen & Paper RPG which gives you a number of new monsters and intriguing plot hooks to use in your game as well as new lore and an in-depth investigation system.


  • 33 New Monsters: Terrorize the countryside with all manner of creatures, from deadly archespores to gruesome vedigo!
  • 2 Exceptional Monsters: Create unique higher vampires and true dragons to populate the dark corners and high peaks of the Continent!
  • An Indepth Investigation System: Learn how to write out a mystery for your players to uncover as the game progresses or write up a murder mystery for a session of fun!
  • All New Lore: Learn the history of the Order of Witchers ad the story of Erland of Larvik, the first Griffin!

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  1. I loved the artwork and amazing creatures detailed in this book. One particular thing that i think you should consider is the Cyclop’s body score. In my opinion, due its massive height and bulk physique, it should be at least 18.

  2. Absolutely love this expansion, just have a quick query about the True Dragon lifepath. A dragon can have pick up points dependent on how old the dragon is, however, it seems hard to find skills to put these points into given that only golden dragons have the ability to transform into a human form; the skills that a dragon could use in draconic form have already been allocated bases. What skills would you suggest would be a good use of the pick up points?

    • Okay, so there are actually a lot of skills for a dragon to learn they just aren’t all skills you would imagine a dragon having. The important thing to keep in mind is that while their bodies are huge and they don’t have thumbs, dragons are still as sapient as humans so they can perform any of the mental skills. And even some of the physical skills can be scaled up to Dragon Scale.

      Business, Deduction, Monster Lore, Social Etiquette, Streetwise, Tactics, Teaching, Sleight of Hand (Kind of a stretch but possible), Fine Arts (It doesn’t have to be human scale art), Gambling, Languages (Understanding them not speaking them), Leadership, Performance (Singing or even percussion), & Trap Crafting could all be options for a dragon.

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