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From the Screamsheets, July 2020

You might be grilling out in the yard but you can still take a break to read From the Screamsheets, our monthly look at R. Talsorian news!

This month we’ll be talking about a new book release, where you can find new interviews with Mike Pondsmith, and a contest you can enter to win some sweet swag.

Witcher Monsters!

We’re proud to announce we’ve released A Witcher’s Journal to the public! This gorgeous book (seriously, look at that cover!) features 33 new monsters, 2 exceptional monsters (each with their own unique lifepaths), an in-depth investigation system for creating and running mysteries, and new lore about the creation of witchers and the first witcher schools!


You can pick up A Witcher’s Journal from your friendly local gaming store, our own webstore, or DriveThruRPG.

Cyberpunk News and Interviews

Some of you might have caught Night City Wire from our partners at CD Projekt Red. If not, watch it here for new info on Cyberpunk 2077 and some of the features it’ll contain! We’re pretty excited!

You might also want to check out some news and reviews about Cyberpunk Red and interviews with Maximum Mike Pondsmith! Here’s a few.

  • Game Informer did a great article on the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit.
  • During GameLab 2020, Mike Pondsmith was interviewed by Gamereactor.

Monster Fight Club Contest

Our partners at Monster Fight Club are currently working with RTG and four of the best YouTube streamers to give away $500 of miniatures, books, and urban terrain.


In addition to the items in the picture above, we’re also giving away a copy of the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit and a copy of the Cyberpunk Red core rulebook, signed by Mike Pondsmith (when it is available).

For more information visit the following YouTube channels:

And please visit and back the Monster Fight Club Metropolis Kickstarter. Let’s help them break $100,000! This terrain is going to be perfect for your Cyberpunk Red game!

That’s it for this month! Check back here every Friday for news and content for our games! Until then, keep your blades sharp and stay safe on the streets!

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