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Cyberpunk Red: Meet the NeoCorps

The 4th Corporate War punished the world, disrupting shipping and destroying already unstable infrastructure. The DataKrash blew up the NET, making it impossible to use. The first years of the Time of the Red were ones of isolation and despair as governments, Corporations, and communities fought to claw their way out of the rubble.

Yet while some Corps fell apart, or just fell, others found opportunity. The Nomads stepped up, taking control of roads and sea lanes, ports and waystations to become the transportation network of the world. And where the influence of old MegaCorps crumbled, new powers rose to fill the vacuum. Smaller, more flexible, and more willing to take chances, these NeoCorps gained power, wealth, and status and are poised to become major players as the Time of the Red draws to a close.

Meet four of the NeoCorps making a mark on the world of Cyberpunk in 2045. Will they rise up to rival the old MegaCorps in power? Will they forge a path into the future? Or are they shooting stars, burning bright but destined to fade quickly as the old guard returns?

Time will tell.

Maybe, choomba, you’ll play a role in what happens to them next.

Note: Nothing’s final until the Cyberpunk Red core rulebook’s printed and in our cybernetic hands. Everything below is subject to change.

Continental Brands Face: Olivia Forscythe, the Kibble Queen Origin Point: Texas Distracted by the aftermath of the 4th Corporate War, the higher ups at Petrochem didn’t pay attention as their subsidiary, Continental Agricorp, took steps to divorce itself from the energy MegaCorp. Continental made their move, forcing a spin-off of the subsidiary and buying out half of Petrochem’s CHOOH-4U gas stations. Continental Brands was born. Continental rebranded their CHOOH-4U stations as Oasis stores and quickly rebuilt them into one of the few reliable places to buy food (all Continental Brand products, of course). Continental’s Oasis Community Loyalty Program rewards entire communities for being loyal customers by granting them prioritized food shipments and cheaper megasized goods and punishes them with higher prices and scarcity for acting against Continental interests.

Rocklin Augmentics Face: Jacinda Hidalgo, cutting edge cyberware designer Origin Point: Texas Originally founded in in the early 2000s to supply artificial limb technology to the Veteran’s Administration following the Central American Wars, Rocklin Augmetics found itself quickly outpaced by leaner, more technologically advanced cybernetic companies. The company limped along as a small, local power until the Time of the Red when the founder’s daughter took control and hit the market with a catalog of bleeding edge cyberlimbs that emphasized unique aesthetics. Rocklin’s new enhancements refuse all pretense at organic simulation with open frameworks, unusual color schemes, and “inhuman” proportions and variations. Their most famous products include the Signature Cybernetic Series, designed by popular artists. The Time of the Red has been a boon for Rocklin. While other Corp supply chains withered, they made deals with Nomads to help them grow.

Face: Artyom Soklov, NeoSoviet Oligarch Origin Point: Russian Zhirafa burst upon the world scene in 2039 with the release of the GRAF3, a new construction bot that hit the sweet spot of low cost, high durability, easy repairability, and intense customization. Local governments and Corps could buy a GRAF3 cheap and know they’d last for years. No one asked questions about how company founder Soklov managed to ship cargo across the globe when bigger Corps couldn’t. The need to clean up the destruction wrought by the 4th Corp War was too great.

Ziggurat Face: UR, Time of the Red Visionary Origin Point: Night City Following the DataKrash, it seemed like wide spread computer networking would be impossible. Reconnecting the Old NET was impossible, every attempt to reclaim it failed, and authorities were reluctant to build a new one. Enter Ziggurat, a NeoCorp with a new plan. Don’t save the Old NET. Don’t even build a new one. Instead, create local CitiNets with air gaps and firewalls to prevent a second DataKrash. Ziggurat began in Night City and moved quickly to other cities across North America, building CitiNets and overlaying them with community-driven Data Pool interfaces. The company not only provides the network infrastructure but the apps needed to use it: datacrawlers, chat and e-mail programs, a suite for creating and editing contents of all types and the Garden, the premiere platform for sharing that content on the Data Pool.

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  1. Epic! I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product.

    You’re not letting Mike sleep again, are you?

    • We’ve trained a racoon to use a poking stick. Anytime he nods off, the racoon pokes.

  2. Seems a first – and very welcome! – step away from the post-apocalyptic vibe I got from the RED Jumpstart Kit. Looking forward to where this is headed!

  3. excellent work here. very excited to get this title….will this be a straight release or will there be a blitz kickstarter to generate funds

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